Cupping is generally safe when applied by trained professionals on people who are otherwise healthy

Cupping and Moxibustion Treatment

Oriental Healing Center – Jia Gu Zhong Yi offers complete cupping and moxibustion treatment as an alternative to massage and other pain management technique. Cupping is an ancient form of natural pain relief, during which a practitioner suctions a specific part of your body with heat to increase blood flow. Just like acupressure, this action will provide stress relief.







Cupping utilizes the air inside the cup, which is heated, and then sucks the skin, pulling the soft tissue to stimulate the blood flow. When the increased blood flow starts to mobilize, the healing process for your body begins. This treatment increases blood flow and also relieves stress and pain.








The suction of the cup causes the skin and muscle layer to be drawn upwards towards the cup. This is an inverse type to standard massage therapy that uses pressure to bring the muscle upward instead of applying pressure directly to the muscles. This method has provided many clients with ultimate relaxation and pain relief.